WRA Customs was born of a need for change. We want to move tennis and padel in a new direction, away from the classic styles, the stiff attitudes that are portrayed through the outfits and even the stances of so many in this great game. The dream is to relax what is seen as a stuffy approach, opening the game we all love out to the masses. Through edgy designs, through new marketing channels and the right player endorsements.

We want more players in the sport. The challenge that we have set ourselves as a team is to make the tennis market bigger and better, then we in turn have a larger audience to introduce our products to and share our favourite sport with.

We want to create a firm following of loyal, likeminded people who can see a positive from wearing and playing with our products.

This whole concept is a needed change in a dated sport. Get onboard and let's make a huge difference to tennis as a sport together.